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About the role of Volunteer

No convention can function without a group of amazing volunteers, and PopCon recognizes this fact! Our volunteers are our Superheroes, our Jedi, our family away from family. 

 If you would like to volunteer for the show, please fill in the following information and you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator as we get closer to the show. All volunteers will receive perks such as swag and free admission on non-scheduled days, and they will of course be showering in adoration from staff and fans alike.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Age Requirements 
To volunteer with Indy PopCon you must be at least 18 years of age. The Convention Center has rules about liability so all volunteers must sign a waiver. That cannot be done by a guardian. 

Days to Volunteer 
We will have many openings for Friday, Saturday and Sunday while the show is going on. We will also need some help Thursday for our own event-wide setup.

Make sure you dress comfortably, especially your shoes. You will be standing and moving a lot and it will make for a very long day if your feet are killing you by lunch. You will be given a volunteer shirt and that must be worn during your shift. Cosplay is not allowed while volunteering

Lunch and Dinner 
We do our best to get everyone breaks throughout the day. If you plan to see a panel we can work that out. If you are wanting to see multiple panels and the show floor it may be best just to attend as a fan that day and volunteer for a different day. We will also be providing a $10 per diem for lunch. If you have any medical needs that require you to have certain foods or at certain times please bring that with you.  Some volunteers may need to stay late to help monitor panels that go long into the evening.  A dinner per diem of $10 will also be provided.

Give a Day, Get a Day
We understand you are volunteering because you are a fan of the con. We want to make sure you get a chance to see everything. By volunteering for a day, you also get a day to come check out the con. If you are volunteering on Friday or Saturday, at the end of your shift, you can get a wristband to come back on Saturday or Sunday (your choice). If you are volunteering on Saturday or Sunday and want to come check out the con on Friday or Saturday, you would need to purchase a ticket AFTER APRIL 1. Then, end of your volunteer shift you will be reimbursed for the price of your ticket.  Please note reimbursements will go back on the card you used purchased your pass.  This will take 7-10 business days to complete.  You will NOT be given a cash reimbursement. We will not give partial reimbursement for the purchase of three-day passes.

Areas You Can Help

Comic Support –Monitor the Comic Writers, Artists, and Editors to insure they are informed about their panel and presentation times and locations.  Task may include escorting guest to panel rooms or watch these booths while guest take a break or are at presentations.

Free Autograph Stage – Assist in managing and monitoring the free autograph stage and wristband pick up areas of the convention while being courteous and kind to attendees and guest.  This includes, but is not limited to managing lines and crowds, assisting attendees with guest interactions and, organizing large amounts of paraphernalia. May require long periods of sitting or standing in one area.

Game Demo Area – Demonstrate tabletop games to attendees.  This will require you to actively engage with attendees to understand their gaming needs.  Then, communicate effectively the rules and play of the games that they are interested in.  This will require tabletop gaming experience as well as, talking to attendees all day.  You will be required to learn and teach tabletop games.

Information Tables –   Assist attendees by answering a wide variety of questions about the convention from pricing of items to scheduling.  The ability to learn quickly and provide excellent customer service is necessary.  May require long periods of sitting in one area.

Load in / Load Out – Help setup the convention on Thursday and/or help take it down on Sunday evening.  This will require working in the convention center with no air conditioning.  It requires that you can do the following tasks:  Lift and carry a minimum of twenty pounds.  Work on repetitive tasks.  Follow directions.  Complete task with little supervision. 

Main Stage – Assist in monitoring entrances to the main stage area while being courteous and kind to attendees, as well as guest.  This includes, but is not limited to monitoring VIP seating, assisting with Q&A sessions, managing the crowd (including lines), and providing a head count to your supervisor.  Requires long periods of sitting or standing in one area.

Merchandise Booth – This area will be the point of sale for all PopCon merchandise.  You will work closely with the area lead to provide quick and friendly service to all the customers.  This will require standing most of the day.

Panel Rooms – Assist in monitoring entrances to panel rooms while being courteous and kind to attendees and guest.  This includes, but is not limited to monitoring VIP seating, keeping time for guest presentations, and providing an attendee head count to your supervisor.  Requires long periods of sitting or standing in one area.

Photo Ops – This area is the point of sale for professional photographs with celebrity guests.  Here volunteers need customer service skills to insure that attendees can easily pay and pick up photos of celebrity guest.  You may also have to help manage lines throughout the day.

Registration – Check in attendees and sell passes and wristbands to the public.  Excellent customer service skills are necessary.  This area is the only area that all attendees pass through and thus is the “face” of PopCon.  You may also be required to answer various questions about other areas with little or no notice.  

VIP (Attendee ) Room - Assist in managing and monitoring the  Attendee VIP area while being courteous and kind to attendees..  This includes, but is not limited to checking in VIP, answering a wide variety questions, stocking food, drinks, and merchandise.  All while making sure our VIP needs are met giving the best experience possible.

About Indy PopCon 2019

PopConTM was created by a group of friends who love geeky things.  We have a few gamers, a couple comic book fans, a Doctor Who obsessor, a YouTube enthusiast, and even a couple of My Little Pony fanatics.  While our passions are varied, we were brought together by our shared geeky-ness. Our convention ultimately mirrors what we believe is the truest definition of “geek.”


June 7th - 9th, 2019

Indiana Convention Center

100 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, In